Get a UK Map

You can find a map for anywhere in the UK excluding Northern Ireland. Simply enter a Post Code, name or partial name in the search box, e.g York or Yor. Up to 100 results will be shown for place names. Please note that the OS Gazetteer service contains towns, farms, forests and natural features, including antiquities. It does not contain street names. Most street names can actually be seen on the largest scale maps but are not searchable in the Gazetteer, sadly.

UK Place Name or Post Code Search

View British GPX files on OS Maps

Thanks to OS OpenSpace and Google Maps you can now view your GPX for UK location files in live maps. To use this service, just upload your GPX file below then click 'Show map'.

Upload your British GPX file here:


View French GPX files on IGN Maps

Same as the above except French IGN maps are used.

Upload your French GPX file here:


Anyone who wants to use the map code can do a 'View Source' on the map page to see the JS files which do the work. Please do use the code for your own stuff. If you improve it or add great features, drop me an email at You will need to register with the appropriate map service provider to get your own free API code keys.