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Check if a server is responding to requests on ports 21, 22, 80 & 443

Uses nmap to check if a server is listening on the above ports. It assumes the target is active (i.e. it bypasses the potentially invasive nmap discovery stage). Here's the explanations of the port states recognised.

NB: IP address or domain name only, e.g. osola.org.uk.


Domain name directory service

Does a WHOIS lookup using whois-servers.net.


Forward & reverse DNS lookups

Uses dig to search for all DNS records for the domain. You can usually get more details by entering a name server from the WHOIS output in the optional name server box.


Show web page source with headers by URL & IP address

Returns the page headers plus the HTML source. A further option is to enter the server IP address; this can be useful to check if the site is up on a specific host before a DNS change has propagated.


Generate Apache .htaccess passwords

Calculates different passwords on each run - none are stored.


Make a text file called .htpasswd - ideally in a non-web-served location. Add this line:


Make a text file called .htaccess in the directory to be protected. It should contain something like:

# Your comment here
AuthUserFile /path/to/.htpasswd
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthName 'message text'
AuthType Basic
Require valid-user        

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