OS Maps API Release Notes

November 10th 2022

Minor style and layout improvements for mobile devices. Fixed some map displays failing due to outdated OpenLayers CDN links.

November 9th 2021

The elevations data panel and mini-graph shown when viewing a British GPX file have been updated to use OS Terrain 50 elevation data rather than SRTM data. The reasons for this are explained in the new OS Terrain 50 page, which developers might be interested in. Also, the site has undergone a much-needed content update, internal sort-out, de-lousing, and fumigation. So please let me know if anything which used to work is now broken (email address at the bottom of this page).

July 24th 2021

The site has been re-written to use the new Ordnance Survey Maps API code. This was necessitated by the planned withdrawal of the OS OpenSpace code (in August 2021) on which this site was formerly based. The old code had been running since 2008 but would no longer work once OS switch off access to the old OpenSpace server. This has forced some changes to the site as follows:

The new good stuff:

The new not-so-good stuff:

If the changes made have broken something you used to rely on, then perhaps try OS Maps, which is terrific value for money. It has all the online OS features you will likely ever need, including plotting & viewing saved routes and importing & exporting GPX files.

If you find any other problems then please drop me an email at bobosola@gmail.com.